Citizen journalism…shhhh!

A San Francisco publication, SF Weekly, points out the social hazards surrounding citizen journalism. Alexia Tsotsis writes in the SF Weekly blog The Snitch:

Sometimes this new media transition thing can be so, how you say, awkward.

Awkward though it may be, the following story (assuming it is true) may have greater consequence. It follows a trend that highlights YouTube’s serious intention to develop citizen journalism. In the past few days, we’ve seen the debut of CitizenTube’s News Feed and the addition of video editing tools on the site. Here’s the latest to add to the list:

According to SFAppeal blogger Eve Batey, Google-owned video aggregator YouTube is up to some hush hush citizen journalism project here in our very own San Francisco. Apparently part of a select group of “San Francisco bloggers, writers, and digital journalists,” Batey received the below vague email earlier today…click here to see it.

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