Is “Citizen Journalism” too Politically Charged?

Random Acts of Journalism starts out asking about the definition of “citizen journalism” and goes into different terms used in its place because of perceived political controversy.

Even though the post concludes that the term is a satisfactory buzzword, it is curious that the label “citizen journalism” can have a politically charged connotation.

What do you think? Does “citizen journalism” imply a political bias?

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08 2010

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    Citizen journalism is biased in the sense that the citizen journalist usually has no filter, no editor. They write about whatever they want, whenever they want to do so. Human beings are not robots, we can't totally divorce our feelings, emotions and overall world view from the topic we are analyzing. If the citizen journalist is upfront about this to the audience (rather than pretending to be objective, which is nearly impossible) the audience will accept them.

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