If you committed “Social Media Suicide” would anyone care?

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With each wave of new technology, there is a camp of luddites who refuse to evolve to the next step. Then came social media like Facebook, Google Buzz and Twitter. With everyone and his grandmother jumping on these social media platforms, the people who are jumping ship are high tech early adopters.

The most famous person has been Leo Laporte, founder of the TWiT network and the former face of technology on the old TechTV cable network. Leo still is the first to jump at new technologies, but he has grown fame-notoriety with the next gen of tech geeks by closing down his Facebook account.

Recently, a bug in Laporte’s highly followed Google Buzz account prevented his recent updates from going live.

And no one noticed.

He has vowed to return to macro-blogging.

TechCrunch’s Paul Carr has also quit Facebook, and he expands on Laporte’s discoveries. Are Twitter users too involved in their updates to read others’? When you neglect your blog for microblogging and social media, what will you have to show for it?

Considering that a lot of people started blogging as diaries, it’s a bit sad and maybe even nihilistic when people post their personal lives to be evaporated on Twitter and Facebook. It’s possible to keep track of those tiny updates, but what do they really tell about you when you look back on them?

UPDATE: And for an amusing comic about this, check out The Joy of Tech.

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If you committed "Social Media Suicide" would anyone care?, 3.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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    Some of my friends are threatening to quit Facebook, but I don't think it's something that I could do at this moment. I'm just cutting down the info I put up there.

    As for SNS vs. macro-blogging, I feel like SNS can be a great, effective tool for bloggers, and should be used as such — not a substitute.

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