Does “Ground Zero Mosque” Violate Journalist Ethics?


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Brian McDermott argues that calling the Park51 Muslim community center and mosque the “Ground Zero Mosque” violates the journalist tenet to be accurate. It’s more of a community center than a mosque, and it’s two blocks away from Ground Zero. But calling it the “Ground Zero Mosque” as a convenient attention-getting headline (like I did above) implies that a full-blown mosque is being built right on or directly next to the Ground Zero site.

McDermott says it’s similar to calling the Lace Gentlemen’s Club in Manhattan the “Fox News Strip Club,” even though it’s two blocks away from Fox News headquarters.

He has a point. Why don’t we call the Lace Gentlemen’s Club the “Fox News Strip Club?”

What the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ flap says about the state of journalism

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    Good point! Even the esteemed Diane Rehm Show called it "the Ground Zero Mosque." Tsk tsk.

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