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I’m OhmyNews International’s new Curator-in-chief Joe McPherson. I shall be working to create a prime resource for citizen journalism, taking what was formally the English OhmyNews in an exciting direction.

We are building a team of curators. They each will specialize in certain areas and regions. They will bring news and commentary about the state of citizen journalism in the world, along with tips and resources for citizen journalists.

We will still accept occasional original stories, but those will be through special circumstances. We prefer that you first post it on your own blog or submit it to your local citizen journalism source and tell us about it. In cases where this is not possible because of local press restrictions or if you greatly desire to have it published exclusively on OMNI, we will consider the story. Keep in mind that we are a commentary site on citizen journalism itself.

What does that mean?

Rather than report on, say, a protest in a country, we talk about how citizen journalism covered and was sourced in that protest.

We are also strong advocates of transparency in organizations. So you can watch our growing pains in real time as we work on, experiment, fail and succeed with creating the new site. It’s all in beta now. Yet here are some features that we plan to roll out.

  • Run-downs on news happening to actual journalists
  • Tips on using technology and resources to make individual journalists stand toe-to-toe with established media
  • Regular employment opportunities
  • Updates on how citizen journalists affect news culture

You can check here and follow us on Twitter (@ohmynews_intl) in the meantime. As we tweak the site, we enthusiastically welcome comments, ideas, recommendations and critiques (be nice but honest).

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