J-Lab’s Jan Shaffer on the Bright and Challenging Future of Citizen Journalism

J-Lab has posted the closing remarks of Executive Director Jan Schaffer at the Melbourne Writers Festival. She mainly addresses the role of the traditional journalist in the digital world as information becomes more easily and cheaply available, making the journalist resort to more clever and efficient means of gathering information. She covers some of the following.

  • Eight developments happening in the delivery of news
  • Opportunities for added value in journalism
  • New journalism as a means to quell bad story editing habits that have sprouted in modern journalism, such as scorecard journalism
  • Connecting with readers to find what issues they are most interested in and which questions they want answered
  • What traditional journalists can learn from citizen journalists
  • Alternative measures for success

Give it a good read. There are a lot of useful nuggets in there.

The New News: Melbourne Writers Festival Closing Address

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J-Lab's Jan Shaffer on the Bright and Challenging Future of Citizen Journalism, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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