Hollywood Reporter to become a Weekly

The New York Times reports that the Hollywood Reporter will move from being a daily publication to a glossy weekly one. I wonder if the NYT realizes the psychological projection they’re giving in the first paragraph.

The Hollywood Reporter has been dying a slow death for a decade, bleeding from layoffs, vanishing advertisers and diminished relevance in a news cycle now dominated by cutthroat entertainment blogs.

Sounds like someone we know, Gray Lady?

The HR’s editorial director gives this excuse:

“It’s our negligence — the way we’ve served up our content over the last couple of years has allowed some really poor competitors to emerge.”

The article then goes on to imply that these “really poor competitors” are blogs like IndieWire, TheWrap and Deadline. The elephant in the room is also Perez Hilton. He doesn’t do the serious reporting of the HR and Variety, but he has almost singlehandedly moved Hollywood news to the gossip pages and the gossip pages to the web.

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