Training Citizen Journalists

The Twin Cities Daily Planet, a local citizen news site, offers a variety of classes and workshops to help citizen contributors gather information and publish their stories. The TC Daily Planet combines original reporting and commentary by citizen contributors with the best of the neighborhood, community and ethnic media.

What’s Your Story: Citizen Journalism 101 is a series of classes, which started September 15 and continues the following three Wednesdays.

Here is the class description:

In this series, participants will develop ideas about what they see going on in their communities and turning it into meaningful content. We’ll cover how to best use a blog, using pictures to tell your story and fundamental best practices for telling your story online.

The editor of the TC Daily Planet, Mary Turck will be teaching the classes. In the classes, she focuses on fundamental concepts and practices of developing news ideas and telling stories online. She has discussed how to train non-professionals to gather news and information in Five Tips for Training Citizen Journalists.

The TC Daily Planet also offers a two-hour class, The Difference Between Blogging and Great Blogging on October 13. This class aims to teach how to develop a free personal website and how to start blogging.

Jeremy Iggers, the Executive Director of the Twin Cities Media Alliance that operates the Twin Cities Daily Planet mentions:

The TC Daily Planet emphasizes not only sharing information, but also providing tools that make that information more useful. The tools enable Twin Cities’ residents to not just share information, but also deliberate, organize and take action, and make stronger connections to their neighborhoods.

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