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Here’s another endorsement for using video in news stories over text. Gizmodo founder Nick Denton said, “People don’t really want to read text. They want videos, they want images, bigger, more lavish.”

Too bad we don’t have a video of that.

He cited the story of the leaked iPhone 4, which quadrupled Gizmodo’s traffic for a week. You could debate whether it was the video or the story itself that increased the traffic.

This leads me to wonder, who prefers video to text?

A lot of people use the internet at work. Is it more convenient to watch videos there? Isn’t it distracting?

I find that it’s easier to read a story than to wait for a video to stream with video ad preceding it. Videos require me to grab my headphones or turn off my background music. I can’t scan through videos for the parts I want like I can with text.

But I’m not like everyone else. Maybe Denton is right in that people do prefer video news over text news.

On a related note, a study by Forrester’s Social Technographics Profile states that social media content creation has plateaued. What this means is that we’ve leveled off in the number of videos uploaded and such. Only 10-percent of YouTube users upload their own videos. More people prefer to be passive users. For the citizen journalist, that means less noise and competition in getting your articles out and noticed.

So, go ahead and start making those videos.

Gawker Founder: The Future of Online Media Is Video (Mashable)

Social Network Content Creation Has Plateaued [STUDY] (Mashable)

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