How do we define a “professional”?

In The Missourian, David Rosman recently wrote an article “Despite not being paid, citizen journalists are still professionals.” In the article, David considered how we define a professional and who citizen journalists are. He actually argues that regular, unpaid contributors, the citizen journalists, should also be considered “professionals” if they meet the standards required by recognized news organizations despite many rejections from dictionaries.

How do we define a “professional? “Is he/she the one who must be paid?” (Oxford American Dictionary’s definition) Or, “Is he/she characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of profession?” (Merriam-Webster’s definition) In this changing media environment, “how do we define “being paid” then?” “Does it still mean only a paycheck from an employer or customer?” David Rosman actually made many interesting points on defining professional journalism and citizen journalism in this article.

Despite not being paid, citizen journalists are still professionals (The Missurian)

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