Myths about Digital Journalism

Media Bistro has posted what it says are “5 Myths about digital journalism.” Here’s an example:

1. Journalists must know everything

One of the biggest fallacies in the new era of journalism is that a journalist must be a jack-of-all-trades, a Swiss army knife of multimedia tools, and a master of all areas of reportage. While having multiple skills is an improvement on having none at all, the likelihood of one journalist employing a variety of skills by themselves is low. This is especially true in medium to large newsrooms that have whole teams dedicated to video, audio, interactives, web development, etc.

The trick is not to be a master of everything, but to be knowledgeable about the tools at your disposal. This way, you can both be aware of the possibilities these tools offer and also be conversant with those people in the newsroom that are in place to develop advanced forms of media.

Read the rest on the site. What can you say are more myths about digital journalism or citizen journalism itself?

5 Myths about digital journalism (Media Bistro)

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