The identity crisis of Julian Assange

Dear Mr. Assange,

Congratulations. You are out on bail now. The sexual charges against you have been laid to the wayside, while your team of Wikileakers (hackers? citizen journalists?) are continuing business as usual. And by usual I mean, of course, the business of releasing top-secret Federal records into the hands of the general public.

Your desire for truth and transparency have led some to call you the supreme citizen journalist and a First Amendment hero (excluding the fact that your rights are void since you are Australian). Others have called you a scammer, a thief, a wannabe, and an attention whore. I would love to know, what title have you given yourself?

While the information you have released is interesting, thought provoking, and has certainly revealed flaws in the security systems of the US Government, I’m not sure what the information is useful for. I’m not sure of why you, especially, have such a strong desire for this kind of outing. I wonder why you do the work you do?

Does the general public, and in turn, do the citizen journalists of the world really need to know the meals ordered by the Prince of Saudi or dates of the imprisonments of Middle Eastern murderers? What purpose is there in allowing trained and untrained media professionals to spread this supposed news? And further more, is confidential information safe in the hands of citizen journalists?

I don’t expect you to answer these questions for me, Mr. Assange. Something tells me your interest is not in that of the citizen journalist, or the citizens in general; rather, you are more intrigued with the title you’ve been chasing for so long: anarchist celebrity hacker.

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  1. James #

    What an irrelevant piece of claptrap! The author obviously has no understanding whatsoever of the subject matter and does exactly what he accuses Assange of doing – being an (and I quote) "attention whore".

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