Prison Time for Saying It was Too Salty?

A food blogger in Taiwan was ordered by a judge to spend 30 days in prison and pay NT$200,000 in restitution for saying a restaurant’s noodles were too salty. A handful of countries still have these kinds of draconian libel laws on the books. Even though they may sound neutral on paper, they are frequently used by businesses to stifle the speech of consumers, thus creating a one-sided marketplace where businesses can use their free speech (advertise) but consumers can’t. One of the premises of a free enterprise system is that consumers must be informed in order to make fair purchases. That way the businesses that do good jobs thrive while the bad businesses and swindlers die out.

If citizens can’t publish their experiences online, nor their opinions, then there’s no free economy. For further reading, check out what a writer on one of my sites says.

Food critic jailed after blogging that restaurant’s beef noodles were ‘too salty’ (The Daily Mail)

How to Avoid Jail Time Over a Restaurant Review (ZenKimchi)


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