Debate on Citizen Journalism

Here’s a video recently posted of a debate on “Citizen Journalism vs. Investigative Journalism” between journalist and documentary filmmaker Antonia Koop and Openleaks Spokesperson Jan Michael Ihl.

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06 2011

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    For someone to stand up and claim the internet is not media is plain stupid and living in the dark age. Where does the presenter gain the view that media is confined to newspapers, radio or television?

    There are clear differences between citizen journalists and professional journalists.

    Professional journalists are trained in writing, investigating, generally take care not to embellish stories with their personal view or opinion, and to present all relevant facts as they are known at the time of writing.

    Professional journalists have had the experience of working with and under professionally trained journalists and conform to a code of ethics for which penalties apply if they break those rules (if they are a member of their respective professional association).

    Citizen journalists are often mono-focused, base their articles on a single or much smaller groups of sources, don’t have access to or attempt to access relevant experts or authorities and often fail to balance their stories with views, opinions or statistics that counter their personal interest.

    A large proportion of citizen journalists material is poorly written, exhibits bad grammar and style, whereas those written by professionals conform to correct language usage.

    Professional journalists spend their days investigating and writing. They know how to navigate their way around obstacles put in their path and often have no choice in the subject matter they are writing about and they have experienced colleagues to back them up, bounce ideas off and support them.

    Citizen journalists generally don’t have the experience, support, training or ability to write about an event or situation unemotionally or without bias.

    These are, of course, generalizations, are there are many very good exceptions to this, but they are none-the-less some of the distinctions between the two.

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  2. Larry Urdahl #

    I look at places like NBC, CBS and ABC, NY times, and the Washington post as News suppressors. That’s why citizens journalism is taking off. I can’t recall the last time I saw anything that didn’t smack of bias from the main stream media. They are all out to protect their favorites with no regard for the truth and to simply bash anyone or anything that gets in the way. That arrogance will be their demise

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