Tiny URL’s: More than Shrinking URL’s: Link Your Supplemental Articles at your Home Page to an Article Elsewhere

I’ve begun to use the service www.tinyurl.com because you can shrink a long URL into something short and manageable. I’ve seen URL’s with over 170 characters go down to twenty-five or so!

I even had to turn my official website URL into a tiny URL because pasting some website’s log messed up the front page. Fortunately, I knew how to go down the middle of my McGraw-Hill website—Northeast Texas Virtual Library, formerly http://jdmeyer.pageout.net, and turn that Table of Contents into the new front of the academic website. http://tinyurl.com/4yp8j4w I also have a religious website that’s smaller and I don’t publicize a lot.

Then I had an idea. Write an article then put it in my McGraw-Hill Pageout website. Copy the lengthy URL of the document and paste it at tinyurl. Check to see if it works. Then take that URL of the new document at my McGraw-Hill Pageout site, and use it in articles for citizen journalism websites.

For example, I wrote a two-page table of contents entitled, “Chapter Sections Published Elsewhere,” http://tinyurl.com/3l6cpco an alternative style of sample chapter for my Developmental English/Writing textbook. These twenty chapter sections were published as articles at various websites, such as Associated Content, Connexions (of Rice University) and Lesson Plans Page. All but the final entry can be found in the 8th edition. The last one, “Veterans Interest Unit” shows illustrations from Flickr, the photo-sharing branch of yahoo.

I mentioned my textbook’s sample chapter with the tinyurl for an article I wrote for the local ABC affiliate’s citizen journalism about the East Texas State Fair. http://northwesttyler.kltv.com/news/events/70641-east-texas-state-fair-2011-view-toy-tent-workers-view

How is that relevant, anyone would ask? First of all, Sample Tuesday was a day when treats such as funnel cakes were selling for $2 instead of $6. So I wore an index card clipped to my shirt pocket with the advertisement, “Chapter Sections Published Elsewhere” and the tinyurl where you could read it. Eventually the card moved to my jeans pocket. Meanwhile I tended to my duties at the toy tent.

I wrote a short editorial (intended to be heartwarming) about my thoughts sitting in a tent full of cartoon balloon toys that I sent to Associated Content, now a branch of yahoo. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8919761/toy_tent_balloon_thoughts.html?cat=8 The link to the little article at the big website from the long article at the small website became a supporting detail and visa-versa. This time I felt that keeping the original long URL’s was preferable.

This self-marketing technique becomes quite portable. Now you can find this “Elsewhere” tinyurl at Facebook and Linked-In as I seek textbook publishers. Look at this procedure as an option to attaching documents, which is not always possible.

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Tiny URL’s: More than Shrinking URL’s: Link Your Supplemental Articles at your Home Page to an Article Elsewhere, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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    I couldn’t resist shrinking the URL for my article about tinyurl’s @ OmN, so here it is— http://tinyurl.com/3mompnx That’s going from 172 characters to only 26.

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