Italian blogger helps the Observer crack UK defence secretary abuse of office

The Italian blog NOMFP contributed a video as evidence in the investigation undertaken by the Observer last week over allegations that saw defence minister Liam Fox involved in abuse of office.

Italian mainstream daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera interviewed the curator of NOMFP, Filippo Sensi, who explained how the  Guardian got in touch with him over a video published on the blog allegedly depicting Adam Werritty accompanying the defence secretary during a 2009 visit to the president of Sri Lanka.

Sensi highlighted how the video was found just through an ordinary YouTube search and therefore was not obtained through any kind of “espionage tactic”: the video was already in the public domain and what the blog actually did was simply to “connect” the information to the investigation launched by the Guardian.

The blog was quoted in the Observer’s article on the Fox case on Sunday, October 9th and it bears evidence to the increasing importance and integration of grassroots media with mainstream media.


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