Occupy Rundown 2011-10-17

Here are a few links to citizen sources for the occupy movements going on around the world. A lot of them come from the HuffPo, but that’s where a lot of folks send their pieces.

Taiwan: Occupy 101, merely a translation of Occupy Wall Street ? (Global Voices in English)

More Police Brutality in NYC: This times horses, not scooters (The Daily Gotham)

‘Occupy San Francisco’ Draws Five Thousand In Fourth Week (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (HuffPo)

Breaking: Bankers Are Still Jerk-Offs (Gawker)

Occupy LA Protests Are Tens Of Thousands Strong & Growing (HuffPo)

How the Right’s Lame Attack on Occupy Wall St. Shows the Poverty of Conservative Ideology (AlterNet)

Occupy Arizona: Dozens Arrested After Protests (HuffPo)

Occupy Wall Street Raises $300,000 (HuffPo)

SNL Mocks Bloomberg Over Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO) (HuffPo)

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