Occupy Rundown 2011-10-20

Here are the latest headlines from worldwide “Occupy” movements.

Intellectual Roots of Wall St. Protest Lie in Academe (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Occupy Central HongKong

“Occupy Taobao” protests force company to postpone fees hike, offer financing (Shanghaiist)

Why Occupy Singapore Failed (Global Voices in English)

Occupy Wall Street: Activist Felix Rivera-Pitre gives first-person account of being punched by NYPD policeman (Current.tv)

The top 1 percent shows up to support Occupy Wall Street(Current.tv)

Emanuel: I talked with top cop before police arrested protesters (Chicago Current)

The Underreported Story: A demand to forgive student loans (Current.tv)

Twitter Buzz Builds for the Occupy Wall Street Movement [CHARTS] (Mashable)

Occupy Wall Street-style protest in Indonesia leads to closure of world’s largest gold mine (Global Post)







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