Occupy Rundown 2011-11-17

Occupy San Francisco (Nov. 16, 2011) Credit: Eric Wagner (cc)

The crackdowns in New York and Oakland–have they dissipated the occupy movements, is it a temporary setback, or will it make them more aggressive?

City Room: Protesters Find Their Belongings in ‘Chaos’ (Global Reporter)

Calif. Occupy protests focus on cuts to education (Newsvine)

Eviction of Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park, NYC (CNN iReport)

Occupy Crackdown in Full Swing (Allvoices)

Occupy Calgary tent catches fire, two injured (Digital Journal News)

Occupy Wall Street: Day 61, Day 1 Without Tents (NowPublic)

OWS Sep-Nov (CNN iReport)

Occupy the Highway: The March from Zucotti Square to Washington D.C. (CNN iReport)

City Room: Religious Groups Helping Evicted Protesters (Global Reporter)

Six Arrested in Occupy Norfolk Movement (CNN iReport)

Jesse Jackson Shows Support for Occupy Cincinnati (CNN iReport)

Boston judge temporarily blocks Occupy removal (Newsvine)

Call Goes Out to Occupy Movement to Shut Down for Winter (CNN iReport)

84 year old woman pepper sprayed @ Occupy Seattle (CNN iReport)

How the mighty have fallen (CNN iReport)

Aftermath of the Eviction of #OWS in Zuccotti Park on Nov. 15th (CNN iReport)

Top #OWS Tweets: Victory in Boston; heartbreak in Seattle (Current)

Top #OWS Tweets: Victory in Boston; heartbreak in Seattle (Current)

Occupy Wall Street: Zuccotti Park Reclaimed (CNN iReport)

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