Occupy Rundown 2011-11-28

This video is making the rounds, picked up by Russia Today, of Oakland protesters being rushed by police during a Thanksgiving meal.

YouTube Preview Image

Here are more Occupy-related headlines:

Occupy Lisbon is spreading the message (CNN iReport)

Deadline looms for Occupy Philly to dismantle camp (Newsvine)

Occupy Wall St. Press Conference: Why did NYC destroy library books? (CNN iReport)

Three Op-Eds Offer Differing Views of Occupy Movement (CNN iReport)

Thanksgiving At Occupy Philly (CNN iReport)

Occupy LA deadline comes, many say they won’t go (Newsvine)

Occupy in pictures (current.com)

Occupy Claremont is small but effective (Digital Journal News)

Retired Police Captain Still Occupying Wall Street (CNN iReport)

“Si, se puede”: Occupy Phoenix Protesters Persist in César Chávez Plaza (CNN iReport)

Missing SD student turns up at NY Occupy protest (Newsvine)

Occupy Salt Lake City – Really Really Free Market (CNN iReport)

Gay porn shoot at Occupy Oakland camp (Digital Journal News)

Occupy NOLA Camp (CNN iReport)

How One Man’s Lie became the SHOCKING truth about Occupy (Allvoices)

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