Kim Jong Il is Dead

The news in South Korea is all about the death of Kim Jong Il. The Korean twittersphere is as well. He reportedly died on Saturday, December 17th from fatigue during a train ride. South Korean forces have been put on high alert, and the KOSPI is taking a bit of a dive.

As for what people in Korea think, here are a few Twitter highlights:

@hanbae: Journalist friends @eieayo, @basverbeek, @rjamesyork offering color commentary on Kim Jong-il’s death. All worth a follow!

@cynthyoo: #kimjongil dies on 17th SK Pres Lee visits Japan 17-18 did both countries have no clue about Kim’s death? K-tweeps are critical of BlueHouse

@WhoAteTheSquid: I suppose if Kim Jong-il died 2+ days ago, and North Korean state TV are still staying Jong-eun is taking over, chance of coup is remote.

@tomcoyner: Kim Jong-Il is Dead – North Korea: Kim Jong-Un To Take Over; DPRK short- & mid-term future uncertain.

@cj_koall: Quoted from a Facebook status: “First he sinks the cheonan, now the cheon won.”

@cj_koall: Really surprised that there isn’t more of an elated reaction coming from South Korean people at the moment. No one really seems to care!

@cynthyoo: K-tweep wonders why Ri Chun-hui, the NK anchorwoman hasn’t appeared on the news since Oct19 until today’s announcement. Via @polargom


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