So Koreans are Foreigners When They Commit Crimes?

Gusts of Popular Feeling does it again by analyzing the borderline racist and overtly racist scapegoating of foreign English teachers in South Korea. Take this one article GoPF highlights. The headline reads

[Why] “Detecting native speaking instructors with forged diplomas” a boom for inquiry service providers

and includes this photo.

Yet the story is about “Korean-Americans” who were deported from the U.S. for rape and murder and were teaching and owning private English academies.

Stop and think about that statement.

If they were Korean-AMERICANS how could they be deported? The U.S. can’t deport its own citizens. Obviously these people were native Koreans and not Americans. But since they were convicted rapists and murderers the Korean press doesn’t want them to be Korean. And it doesn’t fit with their historical agenda of blaming foreigners for all their social ills.

GoPF brings up more examples of headlines scapegoating foreigners as criminals attached to stories that show actually how small the foreign crime rate is.

And we have another headline

A stoned native speaking instructor and my child…?!

This one starts with the arrest of an Australian teacher for drug possession and then goes back into the story of the Korean-”Americans.” It’s odd that these newspapers haven’t been able to find real foreign teachers with previous convictions of rape and murder. They’re still trying to close loopholes to keep foreign criminals out of schools even though the rapists and murders in the stories were not foreigners. GoPF wonders how Korean parents would answer this poll:

Who would you rather have teaching your children?
A) A person from our country convicted of rape or murder
B) A native speaker who habitually inhales drugs


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