Just Needed a Little Investigation

This is for the K-pop fans out there. This anonymous Korean-American in Chicago accused a rapper named Tablo of forging his Stanford diploma a few years ago. These accusations were unfounded–and besides, who needs a Stanford degree to be a rapper? You’d think that having such would be detrimental to a rapper’s career.

This guy has resurfaced in accusing Korean pop singing legend Insooni of lying about her daughter’s acceptance into Stanford, claiming that Stanford doesn’t admit people until the late spring. Obviously he has never heard of early admissions. GI Korea of ROK Drop, of all people, did the simple legwork and went to the Stanford website, where they said that they had released emails for early admissions on December 9th. So the accuser is decidedly wrong on when Stanford announces its admissions.

Insooni Accused of Lying About Daughter’s Acceptance to Stanford (ROK Drop)

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