Police vs. Pets (Guess Who Wins)

This article about police in Decatur, Alabama, shooting two dogs brings up a string of questions about the tendency for police to cross the line in recent years. Some call them “adrenaline junkies,” and, in my opinion, shows like COPS glorified sometimes over-the-top behavior of people who took their jobs a little too seriously. And this incident occurred over an arrest for public intoxication and having an open container–a law I find even more surreal and backward the longer I live outside the U.S. As always, the brave men in blue defended their actions against unanimous witness accounts.

Police Brutality against innocent dogs (CNN iReport)

Here are other examples that have brought this pattern to mind.

Photo: Dylan Singleton via Washington Post

Police fatally shoot dog at Adams Morgan festival (Washington Post)

Cop Kills Dog, Tries To Buy Owner’s Silence!   (KFOR via YouTube)

Police Brutality & Killing Dogs – Columbia Mo SWAT Raid 2/11/2010 (Totally-useless.com)

Family Says Police Killed Their Dogs and Slammed Grandmother to Ground (WHO TV Des Moines)

Cop shoots, kills family dog (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Local Officers Kill Dog, Then Use Taser On Dog’s Deaf Elderly Owner (KWTX)

Maryland SWAT Team Raids Home on Hunch, Hits Husband in Face, Handcuffs Couple, and Shoots Family Dog — and Finds No Evidence of a Crime (via Jonathan Turley)

Answering alarm, Oakland police kill family dog (SF Gate)

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