News Under the Surface 2012-01-19

Here are some headlines from CJ sources that you may have overlooked.

New trial for pregnant woman convicted of killing boyfriend in abortion dispute (Global Reporter)

Cocaine conspiracy trial underway (Global Reporter)

Feds. aware of fabricated Rwandan genocide evidence: Mugesera lawyers (Global Reporter)

NAMM Media Day 2012: Mike Huckabee Challenges Bill Clinton To Jam In A Band! (CNN iReport)

Women found dead in alley due to police mistake! (CNN iReport)

Los Angeles to porn industry: Use condoms or else (Digital Journal News)

AP source: ABC interviewed Gingrich ex-wife (Newsvine)

Protests Continues in Maldives (CNN iReport)


A note to CNN iReport: Citizen journalism is not uploading vacation pics or giving birth announcements.

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