Ferrari driver beat up by youths caught on video

There’s no winner in this one. According to Singapore Seen, a middle-aged Ferrari driver almost hit some pedestrians at a crosswalk. The driver got out of his car and challenged a man to fight. He promptly got beaten up by a gang of youths.

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Well, if he dare to challenge others, he should be prepared. Furthermore, he is obstructing traffic by coming out of his car. So in short, he really deserves it.

Looks more like when Umpha Lumphas go bad.

The police should charge the Ferrari driver for dangerous driving and not also stopping before the zebra crossing for people to cross.
He is asking for it. He could be an AH BENG just because he drives a Ferrari.

Icelander said 

They should all be hauled up for justice but honestly, the guy in the Ferrari was asking for it.

Not only did he not stop and nearly killed someone, he had the temerity to come out of his car in such an aggressive manner instead of showing some remorse.

If you have even been in a situation where a driver didn’t stop his car while you were crossing a Zebra Crossing, which I have, let me tell you that you will be extremely pissed off too.

And from the video, it looked like if his friend didn’t intervene, that young guy would have been the one beaten half to death.

If it had been a mother with her young child, that arrogant Ferrari driver would have gotten away unpunished.

And the fact is a lot of deaths on the road have happened at Zebra Crossings.

Still, justice must be meted out to all.

Graphic video of Ferrari driver assaulted at Orchard Towers (Singapore Seen)

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  1. Jk #

    The ferrari driver deserved it! This is to punish him for being arrogant and not feeling remorseful after what he had done! Imagine the guy was alone without the friends, he is gonna get whacked in front of his gf, luckily he got his group of friends who is there to support him! They should not get punished, instead the ferrari driver should get it! Double punishment for him! Arrogant guy!

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  2. CPY #

    Well, I think both is at fault.

    One thing for sure, I believe Singaporean must change their mindsets on the zebra crossing. After reading most of the posts, it seems most of us think that PEDESTRAIN has the right of way for the zebracrossing. I believe we have to be re-educate on this issue. I have been to many countries and pedestrain crosses the zebracrossing only when there is no car approaching or wait till the car passes by first before crossing. The car will not stop for the pedestrain. Either way, I think is better to first educate the Pedestrain to stop and wait at the zebra crossing , and let the vehicle moves off first before crossing.

    I am a vehicle driver myself, but I have seen many irresponsible pedestrain just dash through the zebracrossing as if they own the road or expect us to stop for them. This is very wrong and it is very dangerous for both parties.

    It is about time for the LTA to do something about this before many singaporean get killed especially in overseas.

    Courtesy from
    “Rule 19 of the Highway Code says:

    Give traffic plenty of time to see you and to stop before you start to cross. Vehicles will need more time when the road is slippery. Wait until traffic has stopped from both directions or the road is clear before crossing. Remember that traffic does not have to stop until someone has moved onto the crossing. Keep looking both ways, and listening, in case a driver or rider has not seen you and attempts to overtake a vehicle that has stopped.

    It is important that pedestrians know that although a zebra crossing is a safe way for them to cross a road, it does not give them an absolute right. As the Highway Code states, they must wait for cars coming towards the crossing to stop.”

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    • Curator-in-chief #

      When I lived in Germany the custom was that if a pedestrian was anywhere near a crosswalk that a car should stop.

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  3. Theja Ram #

    I think he deserved it.

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