Singapore Seen’s Whine-os

Singapore Seen is a great, mostly amusing, source for citizen news and gossip. Lately, it seems to have been a trash bin for trivial public gripes about trivial public behaviors. It reminds me of the “Ladygate” public shaming that’s been going on in South Korean cyberspace lately.

Here are a few whiny headlines.

Woman’s butt crack staring back at commuter makes him uncomfortable

Woman removes shoes and eats while watching loud drama on bus

Octo-couples are at it again — this time at bus stop

How irresponsible! Kids leave spilled drinks on table at Pasir Ris McDonald’s

2 girl squeeze into one seat beside poor old auntie

Just like home: Boy sleeps on Ikea display bed with slippers on

Unhygienic: Owner parks dog in stroller near patrons’ food centre table

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