Laos travel school with young generation

Citizen reporter, Hak-yong Yang wrote a story on OhmyNews about his travels with his wife. In 2003 he spent two years and eight months travelling around the world.

“When I was 35, I became lost from reality and found myself constantly wandering. At the end of this miserable time, I realized that I should seize the day. Afterwards my wife and I embarked on a trip around the world for our 10th anniversary.”

 Citizen reporter, Hak-yong Yang

He worked at the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions for 10 years before traveling

“I used to think that the world revolved around me so I was content to stay in my position. However, my absence had little effect on the world, and I found that I also was able to live without something that I assumed I had needed.”

These days, Mr. Yang writes serial articles titled “Laos travel school.” They are stories about his experience of a trip to Laos with a teenager for a month.

“In 2003, when I traveled around the world with my wife, my nephew joined the trip with us. He absorbed a multitude of experiences throughout the trip, soaking them up like a sponge. He inspired us to think about taking trips with the young generation, something like a ‘travel school.’ One of the most difficult things adults can do for the younger generation is to provide confidence for children. Sometimes I scolded them out of concern for their safety and taught them to travel carefully. However, I also learned that they do not mask their feelings at all.”

He and his wife now live in Jeju Island, which is known for its beautiful landscapes. He studies at a graduate school of education in Jeju Island. They used to move around the mainland of Korea as well but settled in Jeju Island.

“You can see both the sea and the mountains in just a 10-minute walk here, and the lifestyle is much slower and calmer than the urban lifestyle. There is nothing else you need desire when you have clear skies, beautiful seas, and rustling wind. If you are afraid of abandoning your reality, even though you truly want to be somewhere else, just follow your inner voice.”

* OhmyNews is an online newspaper website with the motto “Every Citizen is a Reporter,” which is based on citizen journalism.

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