A doctor, working during the day and studying at night

Citizen reporter Um Du-yeong is a doctor. He has contributed profound medical knowledge in areas such as postnatal depression, panic disorders and heart attacks to OhmyNews audiences. In particular he is outstanding to relate unfamiliar medical terms with medical accidents in new, that help ordinary readers to understand medical jargon more easily.

At the beginning, his specialty of journalism was sports and sports will always click for him.

“The reason why I changed my mind to concentrate more on medicine, not sports, is because of the distinguished citizen reporters already reporting sports. I lagged behind in existing citizen reporters’ analyses. Therefore, I thought I should write in a much stronger domain for me like medicine.”

Mr. Um works during the day and studies at night since he studies oriental medicine and works in a hospital. He is studying unceasingly after getting his medical degree.

 Citizen reporter Um Du-yeong

“I would like to bring some novelty to medical articles through a combination of oriental medicine and western medicine following the finish of my degree of oriental medicine. It is hardly sincere to write an article during study and work, however just the thought of the motto of OhmyNews “All citizen is reporters” makes my heart flutter.”

A citizen reporter is also a journalist, so never feel daunted and lose confidence as you cover and submit news, he said.

“Whenever you are uncertain about something, do not hesitate to ask a favor from the editorial team. They can help you suggest some solution. I also like to state that keeping a memory green preserves your health. Nothing is more important than health.”


* OhmyNews is an online newspaper website with the motto “Every Citizen is a Reporter,” which is based on citizen journalism.

More in Korean: http://bit.ly/RzdFZy

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