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OhmyNews has started the Ohmytv live show ‘Presidential election Olle’ (acronym ‘OhmyOlle’) from November 8th, and so far it has been broadcast on the 8th, 9th, 12th and 13th of November. OhmyOlle aims to study candid public sentiments as well as deliver live electioneering sites. The audience can watch this program through their smartphones or the OhmyNews webpage via the Ustream website, which is a platform for live video streaming of events online.

OhmyOlle reporters interviewed one of sellers in the market to cover popular sentiment about the presidential election

‘Olle’ means an alley in the Jeju Island dialect. Jeju is one of the most beautiful islands in Korea and is also known for its ‘Olle’ walking paths. The main presenter is Yeon-ho Oh, the founder and a representative journalist of OhmyNews, and Hae-seong Seo, a writer and a professor. They host a live show walking through streets and specific sites like ‘Olle paths’ in Jeju.

This programme is basically an extension of the previously aired Ohmybus (For the relevant article: http://international.ohmynews.com/?s=bus+411). Ohmybus went on the air from a bus as a mobile broadcasting studio, adopting the idea of ‘beyond articles’ in OhmyNews. Yeon-ho Oh was the main MC, and he interviewed a considerable number of candidates for the general election as well as citizens from the whole nation.

Ohmybus social networking efforts through Facebook and Twitter also  contributed to improved communications between audiences and broadcasters during the on-air OhmyOlle project. On the first day, OhmyOlle visited three primary candidates’ election camps and interviewed core election officials to shed light on the progress of their campaigns. Furthermore, Oh visited Busan and Gwangju to cover candidates Ahn’s and Moon’s speeches. It has been pointed out that Oh and Seo‘s outstanding hosting have been considered compulsive viewing for OhmyOlle. From time to time OhmyNews reporters are going to join together to host OhmyOlle instead of them. Oh and Seo’s show is called the special edition of OhmyOlle. It will be continued until the day of the presidential election and the programming can be found at http://goo.gl/bgJtM.

OhmyOlle reporters visited one of three primary candidates’ election camps (front: Oh, rear: Seo)

* Who are the three primary candidates for presidential election in Korea? Independent Ahn Cheol-soo, the Democratic United Party’s Moon Jae-in and the ruling Saenuri candidate Park Geun-hye.

* For the latest image see here: http://bit.ly/RzDAAY

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