[OhmyBlog] What is your most beautiful moment? I say ‘right now’

I once felt that a special life should be composed of extraordinary events, and I truly have expected lots of different events, or at least trial episodes. So thanks to my high expectations, I could have lots of fond memories in my life. However, there has been some change of my belief for a special life.

A housewife has so many specific accidents in her daily life. Today is like yesterday and yesterday is also like today, it seems like there is no difference from the other day. There are too many house chores to do, and I have naturally taken less time for myself even I have no time to organize my thoughts, admiring the beautiful sky and care for my rough skin. So my life is not special anymore and I feel dreary? Absolutely not.

I find my lovely son has a great smile for me and throws himself into my arms.   That really hits the spot. My son has reinvented himself with a wide variety of facial expressions and behaviors, which makes my life special. In spite of the mediocre daily life, I feel so magnificent, like playing a treasure-hunt game. My younger son was taking a nap peacefully in my leisure hours. I had a fresh cup of coffee and ate some garlic bread for my lunch. The idea comes into my head that this moment has been one of the most beautiful memories in my life, no special events and nothing special.

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