“The unified candidate debate” Overseas Koreans also enjoy OhmyTV live broadcasts

  Seo, Oh, Chang and Kim (from left)

“I  watched  the  debate  through  OhmyNews, Thank  you  for  providing  this  service. I  believe  overseas  Koreans  should  also  have  the right  to  watch  it,  and  I  am  sorry  for  KBS (Korean Broadcast System) not  providing  the  proper service to overseas residents,” Jun-Mo Ahn, an OhmyTV viewer who lives in Columbia, said through Twitter, .

Last night Democratic United Party candidate  Jae-in Moon and independent Cheol-soo Ahn had a debate for the united liberal candidate to run against the ruling party’s  Geun-hye Park. It was held at the Kim Koo Museum and Library in central Seoul starting at 11:15 p.m.

It was transmitted live by four local broadcasters. The main presenter was political commentator Kwan-yong  Chung  without any audience. The candidates covered significant issues in Korea such as politics, the economy, social welfare and foreign and national defense issues.

Before and after the debate, OhmyNews also provided a call-in show with its relevant appraisal as well as live coverage transmitted from KBS. There were four hosts, including the founder of OhmyNews, Yeon-ho Oh, professors Hae-seong Seo and Heon-tae Kim, and Yun-seon Chang, who is a leader of the OhmyNews political team. A considerable number of people not only in Korea but also overseas could watch it through their smartphones or the OhmyNews webpage via the Ustream website, which is a platform for live video streaming of events online.

“I watched it in India, and I did not feel any difficulty enjoying it with a little buffering,“ said Jae-sul Shim in Vietnam.

Even though it was rather late in the evening, ending at 3 a.m., there was a flood of calls and opinions through online social networks from all over the world, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, as well as the whole nation, Seoul, Gwangju, Mokpo and Busan. There was a telephone interview with Mun and Ahn camps’ spokespeople after the debate as well.

“It was a great time to share diverse opinions of it with those who are domestic and overseas. Moreover, it was a brilliant idea to bring profound commentary to the programme [sic],” Twitter ID nachojane said.

* For the  relevant video see here: http://bit.ly/10uuTvF

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"The unified candidate debate" Overseas Koreans also enjoy OhmyTV live broadcasts, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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