With OhmyTV, Citizens‘ debate opens after the three major candidates’ debate

Oh interviewed a viewer from Moscow through Skype

In the evening of the 4th, the Presidential special edition show ‘OhmyOlle’ of ‘Ohmy TV’ called overseas Koreans and domestic residents together to the first presidential candidates’ debate. The show covered the debate live in real time and before and after the show, and included the three main casters’ relevant commentary about the three major candidates’ debate, and also citizens’ reviews from all over the world were provided.

“The presidential candidates’ debate was fine but the appraisals after the debate in which the citizens participated were so great, I could consider many different people’s opinions” an OhmyNews audience member from the US said.

This debate was the first televised debate organized by the National Election Commission which the three major presidential candidates engaged in. (Geun-hye Park of the ruling Saenuri Party, Jae-in Moon of the main opposition Democratic United Party and Jung-hee Lee of the Unified Progressive Party.)

Before the debate, OhmyNews reporter on the scene Jeong-ho Park delivered the description of the site atmosphere nearby Yeouido MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) where the debate was held. During the debate, citizens contributed their own comments (about 10,000) via SNS to the OhmyTV screen.

After the show, there was a telephone interview with each camps’ spokespeople. The show was upgraded from a phone call interview to an online webcam interview through Skype, which is an internet telephone programme. There were constant calls to be interviewed from people in various countries such as the US, Germany, Russia, Japan etc. The election for overseas Koreans runs from 5th of Nov to the 10th of Nov. and the 19th of Nov in Korea.

* OhmyTV is an Internet broadcast produced by OhmyNews.

* * For the  relevant video see here: http://bit.ly/XmyZY8, http://bit.ly/SDS2Ki

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