OhmyOlle heartwarming episode

On 10th, OhmyOlle rushed to Gwangju to deliver news about the site of Ahn’s electioneering to support Mun. There has been fervent support to cheer up OhmyOlle journalists and broadcasting staff who have been eager to go on air in spite of freezing weather and unforeseeable circumstances. Except for applying for the Hundred Thousand People club to support without charging. There are three episodes will be introduced briefly below.

OhmyOlle team had launched at a local bistro that was aired live without editing. Some ardent audience made a call there to pay the staffs’ meal instead. This episode directly was transmitted live.

“I also thank you for the audience who paid for their meal on behalf of Ohmytv audiences.” One of the audiences said.

Some viewer brought staffs’ coffee to the coverage site to support Ohmyteam

There was also a visitor bringing staffs’ coffee to the coverage site to support Ohmyteam. Moreover, One of the viewers who was impressed by OhmyOlle donated three million won (USD $2,800) saying that ‘I hope it can be helpful to improve broadcasting equipment as well as the staffs’ broadcasting circumstances.’

Meanwhile, the second presidential debate will be held at 8 pm tonight. OhmyOlle will be together on OhmyTV.

For the  relevant video see here:  http://bit.ly/SQZX76

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