Overseas residents of Korea take action through OhmyOlle

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“It took 40 hours to participate in the election for overseas residents. I felt like joining an independent movement. Let’s engage in it together.” A viewer from India said, who spent two days to vote in the Korean presidential election.

As soon as his story was introduced during OhmyOlle, there were immense responses from overseas residents which unceasingly continued.

“I am so proud of what you did to vote and in following you I will also do it pleasantly.” One of the residents abroad said.

The Presidential special edition show ‘OhmyOlle’ of ‘Ohmy TV’ has successfully been hit the ground running domestically and internationally, in particular overseas residents have shown fervent responses. Overseas Koreans made up 10% of all voters and it has been consistently pointed out that the relevant system to support voting for overseas residents lagged behind badly. In such circumstances, OhmyOlle has provided useful information and vivid sites related to each campaign. It was estimated to reach 104 countries where overseas Koreans watched the show.

One of the problems with the show is that no one knows when the show starts and ends. There were no commercial ads during the show and it has been run only by a hundred thousand people club (100,000 people club) which is supported by the membership of OhmyNews. Once viewers noticed this fact, there has been an increasing number of members to apply for the club.

* What is the Hundred Thousands People club (abbreviation ‘HTP Club’) ?

In 2008, OhmyNews extensively covered the Candlelight Vigil about BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) issue that major news were reluctant to report, since then not only public commercials but also business commercials were cut off. To the effect of supporting the citizen-participated media, HTP appeared with the motto to be financially independent by conscious citizens with awareness to act.

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