OhmyNews, the way to stand up against the mainstream media with citizens’ active participation

A just married couple encouraged citizens to vote with two MCs during the Presidential Olle

“We have to establish the first organ of the public by citizens in the world.”

The above suggestion comes from the Hundred Thousand People club (acronym HTP club) members.

“I was shocked by two things on election night. One was because of the result of the presidential election, and the other was the quick action taken by citizens after the result came out. There has been some unaccounted-for situations such as the increase in number of the membership of the HTP club, even after we went off the air of the Presidential election Olle, which was the special edition of the Ohmytv live show.” Hyung-suk Park said, who is the team leader of the HTP club.

OhmyNews is a progressive media outlet whose philosophy is ‘open progress’.

“We are consistently seeking valuable change in the world. The conservative media has prevailed in the Korean media market for a long time. We aim for a 5:5 proportion between the conservative and progressive press” Yeon-ho Oh said, who is the founder and a representative journalist of OhmyNews.

Yeon-ho Oh and Hae-seong Seo, who are two presenters in Gwanghwamun square during the Presidential Olle

A considerable number of the audience for OhmyOlle consists of those who desire to regime change. Yet they did not see their dream comes true. Moon Jae-in lost the election. The conservative ruling party’s Geun-hye Park earned 15,773,128 votes and the opposition Democratic United Party’s Jae-in Moon got 14,692,632 votes. Moon’s supporters who wanted to change the government seemed to be disappointed. However, their frustration has sublimated in voluntary participation for the membership of the HTP club.

The next day of the presidential election, surprisingly there has been dramatically increase in the number of memberships for HTP club.

“It transpired that many audience members recommended our club to citizens through both online and offline to maintain a balanced media environment.” Hyung-suk Park said.

* For the relavant article in Korean: http://bit.ly/TbNsBR

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  1. Jessica Soto #

    I would like to know hoy many citizen reporters collaborate with ohmynews these days?

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    • Eunbin Ko #

      Citizen reporters are nearly 74000 people so far. You can check more information at http://www.ohmynews.com/NWS_Web/Company/people.aspx.
      On the webpage, the upper side on the left is a OhmyNews membership at this hour and the lower side on the left is the number of OhmyNews citizen reporters at this hour. Thank you.

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