Shameful KBS, MBC and conservative newspapers’ lopsided report about the presidential election ①

[2012 Presidential election] Guerrilla column: A guerrilla column has been contributed by OhmyNews citizen journalists. There will be a guerrilla column written by citizen reporter Joo-hyun Park below. It was translated to English with a summary of the contents.

International press, totally different from domestic views

On the 20th, the Korean press hit the headlines with ‘first woman president of Korea’, on the other hand international press highlighted the fact that Koreans contributed to the strongman’s daughter becoming a president. There was an absurd happening caused by Yonhap News Agency in Korea, On the 18th, a day before the presidential election, Yonhap reported the article quoting TIME’s quote that was a contorted translation where they translated ‘strongman’ as ‘influential person’ according to the press release provided by the conservative ruling Saenuri party.

TV debate ‘missing’… electronic journalism limited to electronic display

Compared to past presidential elections, the 18th got the most disappointing rating ever for lack of policy content. There were the few TV debates that help to provide wide information such as their policies, pledges, convictions, vision and philosophy.

Unlike before, broadcasters did not aggressively suggest the TV debate to candidates and hardly ever criticized against the presidential candidate who avoided the TV debate. What’s more, it might be thought that broadcasters aided her side.

Furthermore, there has been a predominant judgement that it was the worst media coverage ever during the 18th presidential election process. Setting the conservative newspapers aside, national terrestrial broadcasters consistently covered the news which was favorable for the ruling party’s candidate.

“The news related to the 18th presidential election seemed to imitate coverage and it was just like an electronic display. There were less meaningful issues and problems brought up by the press.” Choi Youngjae said, who is a professor at School of Journalism and Communication in Hanlim University.

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