Shameful KBS, MBC and conservative newspapers’ lopsided report about the presidential election ②

The conservative Chosun Ilbo’s front-page coverage titled with first woman president of Korea

[2012 Presidential election] Guerrilla column : A guerrilla column has been contributed by OhmyNews citizen journalists. There will be a guerrilla column written by citizen reporter Ju-hyeon Park below. It was translated to English with a summary of the contents.

What’s the next 5 years of Korean journalism?

In this presidential election, domestic press achieved notoriety that their news was merely one action plan for helping certain parties win as well as missing impartial reporting. After the election, there have been concerns brought up over the weighted reporting. Freedom of press is one of the areas that have lagged behind since president Lee’s government was constituted.

According to the press union, there are around 450 journalists who were disciplined for  leaning against ‘the media executive sent from the government agency’ and ‘distorted editorial news’. The Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders (RWB) prove the sterility of the Korean press. In 2005: 34th, 2006: 31th, 2007: 39th after Lee’s government in 2008: 47th, 2009: 69th, 2010: 42th, 2011: 44th.

Nevertheless, Korean people elected the ruling saenuri party’s candidate who had the same way of Lee’s committing brutality. During the presidential election process, the problem was the division between generations and regions, which is a contemporary issue. It came out the question of the post 5 years’ change in the press circumstances which is the democratic standard.

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Shameful KBS, MBC and conservative newspapers' lopsided report about the presidential election ②, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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