Les Miserables and Korean society ③

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A perspective of the 2012 presidential election

There has been an extreme cry for change in the Korean society leading up to the 2012 presidential election. Although the election was lost, those wanting change made their voices heard. A certain circle might be pessimistic about this 2012 election because the proportion of voters in their 50s’ and over who are more likely to have an inclination toward conservatism is increasing. I do not agree with that sense of pessimism.

we should remind ourselves that 37% of conservative 50s did not select the ruling conservative Saenuri party Park, but it is equally important that nearly 34% of 20s did support her as president. Therefore we do not need to  fall into despair but  be optimistic for our future.

An important question that should be followed upon is how we effectively communicate with each other and harmonize our differences. Putting the 2012 election aside, we should shed more light on the constructive criticism to set Korea to in right direction regardless of particular factions.

“Do you hear the people sing? Say do you hear the distant drums. It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes .”

The ending background music of the movie implies that tomorrow comes when the people take the lead at solving social problems putting their heads together and it is necessary to take care of those less fortunate so as to create a better society.

It is the only way that <Les Miserables> will play a role as motivator of social change as well as simply consoling Koreans. Soon afterwards the future that people bring will come.

* For orginal article in Korean:   http://bit.ly/TFtCPL (by Ingyu Kang)

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