Les Miserables and Korean society ②

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21 century Korean edition <Les Miserables>, more miserable than the original

Les Miserables discloses what the powerful are likely to conceal, which elaborates on legislation that is used as a powerful instrument of vested rights. The stringent laws are never applied to the corruptors, but on the contrary these unfair laws are enforced on the less fortunate as seen in the case of Jean Valjean who spent 19 years in prison on a charge of stealing a piece of bread.

Some might think that Jean’s life sounds unrealistic, although it can easily be seen in our current laws. Many are enforced to the letter against trash collectors for their illegal acts but the same law has been applied far too leniently with a cooperate mogul on suspicion of tax evasion and/or misappropriation. That has been the Korean style of righteousness of the law to this point.

Another tragedy in Korean society relates to the overwhelming indifference that people have in our society towards those less fortunate. This presidential result magnifies that point. A direct presidential election in Korea has been completed by those who sacrificed and devoted themselves realizing a true democracy. Ironically, people this time voted for the daughter of a former dictator.

It seemed that the student revolution in <Les Miserables> was unsuccessful but  consequentially the French Revolution changed France from a monarchy to a republic, which also contributed to the growth of democracy all over the world.

* For orginal article in Korean:  http://bit.ly/TFtCPL (by Ingyu Kang)

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