[OhmyBlog] A letter for those who feel tired of our unremarkable lives

Whenever I come back to Korea, I meet two close friends while having a conversation with a cup of coffee and a nice meal. We are childhood friends and always stick together as a threesome.

However, one of them, who married a Japanese lady, passed away 2 months ago. Until last year, we had a meal talking about tiny bits of our life but now he suddenly disappeared.

It was truly unexpected that he died of myocardial infarction, I was so sorry for not being at his funeral because of the long distance barrier, I was too far from Korea at that time. After I got back home, I went to the cinerarium where my friend’s bones placed with my other, living, friend.

Before going there, I was extremely worried that I would break down and weep in front of his remains but I didn’t feel as much sadness as I thought, instead I just stared at his antemortem photo and the urn with his ashes. It hasn’t sunk in yet that my friend isn’t with me anymore.

Today I saw the news of the suicide of Sung-min Cho, a previous Korean baseball star. Someone goes through a terrible day that he or she can’t endure anymore, but my friend who died might really long for the day with bright sunshine and fresh air in winter.

Recently I felt really disgusted about my mundane life and at that time I just faced my friend’s death. Now I can feel the wonderful value of our life. As soon as we live we can express any other feelings such as I love you, thank you and sorry and so on. So I really appreciate my friends and my family being with me, and also a special thanks to my friend who died and made me realize our life’s worth.

Life is that somebody’s death gives a big enlightenment to the alive.

My dear friend, I promise that I will do my best for everything while I live.

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