How to visit a patient?

Visiting a sick person is fairly usual. However it can be uncomfortable for both the patient and visitor because the patient is unlikely to want people to see them in their poor state and a visitor would also feel sorry for the patient seeing them in pain.

Be that as it may, not going to visit our friend who is sick goes against what’s right. For those who are suffering from a chronic illness or unstable healthy condition, heartwarming comfort can be very helpful in relieving pain and worry. Grief ages us but shared sorrow is half-sorrow.

There is some etiquette, which I’ve acquired from my experience of visiting my friend who became disabled after surgery for cancer.

1. Check the patient’s current situation before visiting: You should call the patient’s family or the patient to ask whether he or she is available to meet you. particularly, it would be better not to go right after his( or her) operation or hospitalization.

2. Visit between 2-3 pm and visiting hours should be short: If possible, avoid visiting before or after eating, and when doctors do their rounds in the morning and in the evening. You need to check the hospital’s visiting hours and should only meet with the patient for 30 minutes or less so that they don’t feel tired.

3. Do not go as a group: 1 to 3 people is an ideal number to visit the hospital to avoid causing a nuisance to family or other patients. Moreover, it’s better not to go with your children because they are easily exposed to infection and also might become burden some to the patient.

4. Prepare appropriate gifts: You have to consider his or her gift depending on their illness. For instance, it is inappropriate for those who suffer from diabetes or cardiac failure to buy fruit juice or cans with fruit sugar.

Tip. Heartfelt consolation is one of the best gifts, but you can also buy something that they like as a small gift, such as a book or CD, with a letter from your heart. You can also give a small amount of money to support his or her medical expenses.

5. Do not overdo praying: A patient or other patients near your friend might feel unpleasant if you pray for him or her too loudly. You need to keep in mind that every man has a different religion or belief.

All things taken into consideration, as you visit a sick person, it is best to make them feel comfortable. You need to treat them as you usually would and have some interesting conversations with them. Remember that your sincere comfort from your heart is the most important thing for them.

* For the original article in Korean: (by Ogyun Choi )

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