A youth who falls in love with birds

Eojin Kim (18) is a birds expert and a citizen reporter for OhmyNews has been fascinated by not only wild birds but also ecological environment matters.

“I have been in love with quadruped animals (four legged animals) since childhood, I spent most of my time reading animal dictionaries and relevant books in my teens. One day I went to see some migrant birds and because I deeply enamored with giant eagles. Since then I have focused more on birds than other animals.” Kim said.

His parents suggested that while continuing his birds exploration he should write articles for OhmyNews, saying that it could help him earn some money.

Kim also said, “I am a student at an alternative school and will graduate this month. I have been considering my future career in fields such as veterinary, algology, or become a conservationist, eventually I decided to make an environmental documentary after graduation. It would be very tough and exhausting work but I believe I will be  satisfied with devoting my life to what I love.”

Additionally, he has also published a book, related to birds, called <Birds which a city boy loves>, The owner of Longhorn Beetle publisher also suggested that he published his articles that the he wrote for OhmyNews into a book.

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/V2kzcg (by  Gyuhwa Choi)

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