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All men have a dream for unconstrained and free life. An-su Lee is one of those people and it seems that he was almost fulfilled his dream. At first glance, one might think that he is a geek because of his beard and the pink ribbon he ties to it. He has lived in art village and written stories about the events around the village in OhmyNews.

“I worked as a magazine journalist for 25 years, I always desired to lead a life of a wanderer. After all, I quit my job and went to America to study. After a short-time studying, I ran a guest house and hosted international guests in an art village for 7 years and I am yet free totally.” Lee said.

His article is basically talking about a daily life and nature around him, full of humanism, which also depicts his motto ‘otium cum dignitate’ (living free from worldly cares).

Lee said, “I usually used to write two or three essays almost every day on my personal blog, one day I read some OhmyNews’ articles that citizen reporters posted. There was a large number of moving stories edited on OhmyNews’ main page and I thought that my articles  could also be useful to the site. I believe that OhmyNews’ editorial way matches my style of writing with people’s daily lives. Since then I have written my articles for OhmyNews, and besides that I also suggested my wife and daughter to join as a citizen reporter for OhmyNews, because I think that writing is able to help us organize our thoughts and deeply explore about our life’s real value.”

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/V0wwQd (by Jihyeon Kim)

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