An interview with a Singaporean

Tan Poh San(陳寶珊 陈宝珊) from Singapore visited Korea in March 9th. She planned to stay at Heyri in Paju-si. She looks calm and timid at first impressions; however, she always travel alone even at forty years of age.

Here follows are the questions and answers.

- How was yesterday in Korea?

“It was a little bit chilly but fine.”

- It takes time that spring comes in Korea. Even though you feel that spring is just around the corner, but suddenly there’s a wave of the last cold snap. After having several bitter cold, the real spring comes. Do you have any jackets?

“I see, it doesn’t matter. Yesterday, I went to Provence and Premium Outlet in Paju-si.”

- Do you have any problem to communicate in Korea?

“I speak Korean a little bit, but not fluently.”

- How did you learn Korean?

“I love one of Korean singers, Si-gyeong Seong. I listen to his radio show and also study Korean with some books.”

- Do you come to Korea for business?

“Just for traveling.”

- Have you been to other countries before?

“I went backpacking to Europe with my friends, but it did not fascinate me in Europe. I also visited Japan for Seong’s concert and only stayed around the hotel. One thing interesting was when I met a Japanese friend and we had a conversation in Korean.

- Oh, what an interesting story that a Japanese and a Singaporean talk to each other in Korean in Japan. It looks that you think the world of Korea?”


- Do have any special reasons that you love Korea?

“I just love it as it is. I feel very comfortable just like being at home as I landed at the Incheon Airport.”

On the day she goes back to Singapore she said, “I do not want to leave.”

She looked hesitant to leave for her country.

- Anyway, I will miss you, if you have any questions about Korea, please feel free to email anytime, also if you want to write some essays in Korean, I can help you review it. I am a native speaker.

“Thank you very much, I will do it. I don’t want to say but have to say goodbye.”

* For the original article in Korean:   (by An-su Lee )

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