A boy’s diary

The author: The 16-year-old boy who lives in a remote mountain village.

It has been long since I have seen winter. We have a severe winter time at my home located on 500m altitude around the mountain. My mom seriously caught a cold for a few days by the end of autumn, it was just after the time that my mom helped a neighbour reaped pears. At first, she laid up with fatigue but finally her condition steadily worsens. “I should take some rest in the afternoon,” my mom said.

After she served my lunch, she came into her room and since then the lights in her room were out. She still slept even when I finished having dinner. I found my mom who moaned with her ailment. So, I made honey tea and gave her a massage until she fell asleep again. The following day, she was still in bed without having any foods saying that it is the best way to endure her pain by emptying the stomach as animals do so. In downtown, I bought some fresh fruits she loves and came back home. “I will have them later. I want to have some boiled rice served in Kimchi soup,” she said. Having some foods that sick people crave to eat is the best treatment. Right, my mom really likes that food. It must be good for her to have some hot boiled rice served in Kimchi soup to feel better. To make the soup, first I boiled water with anchovy and seaweed for 10mins and took them out, cut some Kimchi, put them into the pot and boiled it for 5mins. The next step, I put one scoop of rice and mixed them up and put some soy sauce slightly for seasoning. Done! Yummy soup! I am 16 years old; I cannot believe that I cooked for my mum. I grew up enough to cook the food that my mum would like to eat, which means that my mum also is getting old. When I entered her room with the boiled rice served in Kimchi soup, she sprang up in bed and had it at once. Deliciously she ate it; unconsciously, I also had some with her. Surprisingly, her energy was restored and even asked me to wash the dishes. “Yes, mum I will gladly wash them.”

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/ZyezHQ (by Okhada Ryu)


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