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“What on earth are you studying for?” I hesitated to answer my mum’s question. Normally, I study general knowledge from newspapers, essay writing, and group discussions. However, I am afraid my mum does not understand about what I am doing for a study because she may think these are not practical study. So, I lightly answered, “Study is just study.”

My dream is being a journalist. I do not exactly remember when I started having this dream. Anyway, I learned from the news that there are varieties of people around us who have different experiences; it fascinated me, so I would like to be newscaster. My dream has been given shape since I quit my short-term work. I had to stick to my work at least 9 hours or more, so I realized I should work what I really want. Since I submitted my resignation at my first company in 2009, I had had no full-time job. I am thirty years old this year. I spend most of my time in the library every morning. In the afternoon, I also have a study group or I teach for middle and high school students as their personal tutor. I also join for some activities such as a reporter, interviewer, and programme-maker. I thought that those careers helped me to be a journalist but in reality I could not pass the final step of the press test even though I applied as many as nearly eight times for a year.

There are so many friends around me, who already worked for almost five years. Compared with me they look like they are doing a great job. Some friends who work as a businessman encouraged me saying that ‘you must be happy because you know exactly what you want to be’. Is it really a good thing? I sometimes think my dream is only a sticking point for having a job. I cannot avoid thinking I am old to have a challenge like having a dream whenever I fail for a final interview of the press. Nevertheless, I never give up my dream because I believe many drops make a shower, and I already collected lessons of experience somewhere along the line.

* For the original article in Korean: http://bit.ly/YnIeqh  (by Na-ri Shin)

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03 2013

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  1. robinmartino #

    A personal tutor or tuition is important part of our educational life which makes your dream into true so never give up in life….peoples should be learned from the life.

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