Our engagement diamond, roses, and potato


40 years ago, My wife and I planted roses as our engagement gift.

40 years ago, My wife and I planted roses as our engagement gift.


I cannot believe that 40 years have already passed since my wife and I were engaged. How time flies. As our engagement gift, we planted red and yellow rose bush on my wife’s flowerbed at the southern corner of the house.

The diamond we have was not as brilliant, but we were happy planning our shining future while planting the fragrant roses. For our 40th anniversary celebration today, we planted not roses but potatoes at the northern corner of the house. No one expected that we live in Imjin Riverside.

However, every moment of our life here is so important and precious. Though it’s not 0 degree, it is a little bit chilly to plant the seedlings, so we decided to sow 7 kinds of greens such as a corn, carrot, groundsel, scaber, kidney bean and peanut. My wife who was trimming the potato sprouts looked so lovely and I was reminded of the time we were engaged and affectionately planted the roses 40 years ago.

To be honest, it is shameful as a man who gave roses instead of a shining diamond as an engagement gift. This anniversary gift was also not jewelry but a potato seed. However, my wife and I believe that potato seeds are as productive as a diamond. Furthermore, fragrant roses and edible potatoes are even better than the diamond, which is not aromatic and edible. I appreciate my wife for thinking the way I do.

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04 2013

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