The relationship between the exchange rate and tension between the Korean Peninsulas


With my international friends


Wow, the exchange rate has dramatically increased.”

I was surprisingly sad when I withdrew money from a bank. Apparently, it must have been affected by recent unstable relationship with the North Korea.

“By the way, is it possible to break out a war in South Korea?”

A friend of mine has asked me, who is also a Korean exchange student in Spain. No one among Koreans in Spain expects war to spark between South and North Korea, however most international media flashed front-page headlines about North’s provocative actions against the South; therefore, many local friends asked me how a potential war would affect me. I am lost of words about this unique situation that more foreign friends than local Koreans are worrying about the tension on the Korean Peninsula. Normally, Koreans construe it just as a political problem.

I could not help laughing after looking at my friend’s Facebook who just talked about Korean tension and the exchange rate. He wrote what our catastrophe is here, the tension on the Korean peninsula or exchange rate? What is my wish? I just hope that peace will come soon and not worry any more about our daily life abroad related to exchange rate and friends overseas do not worry for Korea because of this problem.

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04 2013

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