Awkward flight attendants


Recently, a corporate executive arouse criticism for a fuss over a bowl of  instant noodles in an airplane. A POSCO Energy executive reportedly smacked a Korean Airline (KAL) cabin crew with a magazine because of its unsatisfactory
service with his in-flight ramen. He first complained about the seat next to his being unavailable and the unpleasant temperature in a cabin. Eventually, his complaint was carried over smacking a Korean Air stewardess.

After the relevant incident was being reported, the news has rapidly spread online through social networking sites, and netizens rushed to criticize the executive and the company. Eventually, the executive resigned from his position. The company publicly apologized to recover its damaged public image. The incident hurt Korean Air itself as well as POSCO’s public image. Furthermore, the incident has led to shed a new light on some relevant issue such as emotional labor’s poor

* For the original article in Korean: (by  Si-yeon Kim)

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04 2013

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